A Guide To Depression & Suicide

According to research, nearly 30,000 people in the world suffering from depression commit suicide every year. This is a high number that often goes unnoticed, yet the statistic points to an alarming trend. It invites the question of why several people suffering from depression consider suicide as an option to dealing with the condition. Suicidal tendencies among depression patients is not a sign of madness. Such urges are caused by several factors that many people in the society do not have an understanding of. These are some of the reasons for suicide or suicidal tendencies among people suffering from depression:

Lack of Help

sadsadAn individual suffering from depression needs help to overcome the condition and get better. Some patients ask for help indirectly to the point that they resort to suicide when it is not forthcoming. On a more positive note, many people and organizations including the one found at are committed to helping people suffering from depression.


Why is hope so important to so many people? It gives us a reason to believe that the future holds something better for us. It also gives people a reason to want to continue living. Being alive may have no meaning when we do not have something to live for. A state of hopelessness usually engulfs most people suffering from depression and makes death seem like a better alternative. They view the slumber of death as more peaceful than the chaotic life that they are currently living. Such thoughts and feelings are some of the reasons why the rate of suicide is common among those suffering from depression caused by unemployment, divorce, and financial trouble.

Intense Emotional Pain

Depression patients may also resort to suicide as a result of severe emotional pain. The loss of a child, close friend, or spouse may make life unbearable more so when the people affected do not come to terms with the event. Suicide is thus regarded as a permanent way to numb the pain and get away from it all. Others also believe that suicide is a path to meeting up with the departed in the afterlife. Extreme emotional pain is, therefore, one of the leading causes of suicide among depressed people.


History of Mental Illness

A depression patient from a family with a history of mental illness is more likely to commit suicide compared to a patient from a family with no such history. It is, therefore, important to understand how genetic factors contribute to suicide among depression patients.

Misunderstood By Society

Many people do not understand the causes of depression or its symptoms. Depression patients are, therefore, left to deal with their problems alone. It is also typical for such patients to be misunderstood by society. For instance, a depressed student may lack friends and people to lean on in school since most of his or her schoolmates do not understand the condition. They can be regarded as social misfits and, therefore, shunned. This would result in the lack of social inclusion, which is a human need. It is one of the leading causes of suicide and suicidal tendencies among teenagers.