Welcome to the Tenino Dollars for Scholars Foundation Web Page

Welcome to the Tenino Dollars for Scholars Foundation Web Page

First off, here’s a  little information about us.

Who We Are

The Tenino Dollars for Scholars Foundation was established in 1994, as a local chapter of the national Citizen’s Scholarship foundation of America (CSFA).   This Foundation has been serving students for over thirty years in over 700 communities across America.  the Mission of CSFA is to expand access to educational opportunities be involving and assisting the private sector in giving financial support to the students.

Our Mission

Our local chapter is dedicated to supporting Tenino High School graduates.  We aim to raise finances in order to grant scholarships to more students, as well as providing a conduit for individuals, organizations and businesses wishing to contribute to local scholarships.

Becoming a Grantor

Many local organizations, businesses, families, and individuals have become grantors of scholarships either by establishing a fund through TDFS or by channeling their gift through TDFS to take advantage of Collegiate Partners, tax advantages or ease of administration.  Current endowments of $10,000 (placed locally in CD’s) will continue to generate $500 scholarships each year. Contact our treasurer for assistance.


TDFS is run by local volunteers, TDFS has no paid staff.  We raise funds for operational costs in the form of Membership Dues.  All funds donated for scholarships go toward scholarships.


We are eager to welcome new members who accept our mission providing assistance to Tenino graduates. There are several levels of membership available:

Single: $5.00 Business: $25.00
Family: $8.00 T90 club: $90.00

All administrative funds are provided from these yearly dues.  This permits TDFS to use ALL scholarships funds for scholarships.

You might also consider becoming involved as a board member serving on a committee.   Being a volunteer organization we understand the importantance of involving a variety of community members to keep our organization strong.

Foundation Advantages

Besides the fact that donations through TDFS are tax deductible, there are other advantages to providing money to through the foundation.  As a member of the national CSFA, Dollars for Scholars recipients have access to network of more than 250 Collegiate Partners that pledge to maximize the benefits of Dollars for Scholars awards. Many of these schools match Dollars for Scholars awards.

Applying for Scholarships

TDFS works closely with Tenino High School and the School Councilor.  All the Seniors are given presentation of the application process and a copy of the application form along with a schedule of dead-lines, Grantors and organizations have different specific requirements for their particular scholarship.  The awards committee matches applicants with criteria.  Scholarships may be used at technical schools as well as two and four year academic institutions.

Our Future

The TDFS has established endowment funds that will continue providing scholarships for THS graduates.  Some of the future recipients are still in kindergarten or younger. We are “growing” these accounts for the future as well as raising money for the present, We are equipped to manage “memorials” and encourage estate donations to help our youth with their education.