Tenino School District

Dr. Steven L. Smedley, Superintendent
                  LaDonna Murrow, District Administrative Secretary
                  Vici Wicklund, Payroll Technician
                   Susan Toepel, Business Manager

                  Charla Dunham, School Nurse
                  Leanne Bergford, Volunteer Coordinator
                                       (360) 264-5855
                  John Bargel, Maintenance Supervisor
                                       (360) 264-5292
                  Sheryl Poulsen, Laidlaw Bus Service Supervisor
                                       (360) 264-4948
                  Judy Minton, Lunch Program Supervisor
                                       (360) 264-4376

.The mission of the Tenino School District is to provide an educational
environment which meets the needs of each student and ensures the
opportunity to develop individual potential and to become a competent
and contributing member of society.

.1998-1999 School District Calendar


PTSA Award-Winning Art and Literature


Parkside Elementary School

Tenino Elementary School

    Tenino Middle School                                                                                                                                                                     

                Tenino High School